Injury Management

There are a range of injuries involving muscles, joints, bones, tendons, nerves and other soft tissues. These injuries can be of sudden onset (acute) or developed over a period of time (repetitive strain injury). It can be quite debilitating and affects quality of life and performance in sports.

The common symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries include pain, weakness, stiffness, joint noises and decreased range of motion. In acute phase, inflammation may cause pain, swelling, warmth, tenderness, impaired function and redness.

Injury care at MoveFree Physio

Our therapists are specialized in treating both acute and repetitive strain injuries. At MoveFree Physio, we designed a special assessment tool to identify both cause and contributing factors of different musculoskeletal injuries.  Hence, the selected treatment options will be more appropriate to enhance healing and also helps in preventing further injuries.

To know more about injury management & medical assessments at MoveFree Physio, please contact us.

The common injuries we treat