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Anand Sivayogam
Snr Principal Physiotherapist
B.Sc PT, PGDip (NZ), MPhty (NZ)

Anand Sivayogam graduated in 2006 and completed Masters of Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2010 from University of Otago, New Zealand. He has also obtained Post-Graduate specialization including manual therapy (Maitland, Mulligan, Cyriax, McKenzie) for all spinal conditions and sports injury rehabilitation. Anand was involved in clinical research on lower back pain, neck pain and sports injuries. He has published his research works in peer-reviewed international journals. He has shared his expertise on common sports injuries in interviews and public talks organized by Channel News Asia and Straits Times.

Anand has over ten years of experience in spine and sports physiotherapy. He was a principal physiotherapist in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. He has special interest in treating knees, shoulders, ankle, lower back pain, neck pain and various tendonitis/tendinopathies. He is a registered physiotherapist under Allied Health Professional Council, Singapore.

Anand is an enthusiastic and caring physiotherapist with a passion for biomechanics. He utilises this knowledge to better understand the injury process, what has caused it, and to expedite recovery.

Anand Sivayogam - physical therapist singapore

Lee Char Ling
Principal Physiotherapist

Char Ling graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Taiwan National Yang-Ming University in year 2004. He had entered into Institute of Physical Therapy in 2005 before heading to Germany (Freiburg) in year 2006 until 2010.

From 2011 to 2019 he worked as senior physiotherapist in Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard) with experience seeing inpatient and outpatient, handling both acute pre/post-operative cases in musculoskeletal conditions of shoulder, knee and ankle.

He is skilful in treating stroke cases for upper and lower limbs tone neutralisation, balance training and gait correction. Besides that, he has developed a keen interest in treating geriatric cases for functional mobility, fall prevention and home visits.

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