Parkinsons Physiotherapy

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic, progressive disease of the nervous system. The clinical features are rigidity (stiffness), akinesia (lack of movement), bradykinesia (slow movement), tremor and postural instability. Parkinsonism is the term used for the group of disorders caused by abnormalities of basal ganglia. Parkinson’s disease can be categorized into two groups.

  • Primary Parkinsonism: True Parkinson’s disease and its cause is idiopathic or unknown
  • Secondary Parkinsonism: Postinfectious Parkinsonism, Pharmacological Parkinsonism, metabolic causes

Restorative rehabilitation is targeted to improve the strength, range of motion (ROM), functional performance, endurance and to prevent fall or secondary complication of the Parkinsonism group. A realistic and appropriate goal has to be set for the patient and the family with the help of a physical therapist based on complete assessment and evaluation of the patient’s individual abilities, impairments and functional limitations.

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