Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps to achieve pain-free movement, which is important to enhance your quality of life, your ability to earn a living, and your independence. Physiotherapists are movement experts who can identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems.

Is physiotherapy painful?

Physiotherapy seek to minimize your pain and discomfort, including chronic and acute pain. Physiotherapists work within your pain threshold to help you heal, and restore movement and function.

Do I need a referral from a doctor?

In Singapore, it is not mandatory to get a referral from a doctor to see a physiotherapist. However, for patients with underlying health conditions, it is recommended to have a doctor’s referral. This is so that the physiotherapist can determine the treatment intensity based on doctors diagnosis.

How do I find a physiotherapist that is right for me?

As like most healthcare professionals, physiotherapists tend to specialise in one particular area. These include, chronic pain, post-op recovery, sports injuries, spine injuries, physiotherapy for the elderly, and rehabilitation. So to find the right physiotherapist, it is vital to identify where your pain is and what is the most likely cause of it e.g. sports injury.

How long is the duration of each session?

First session 45 to 60 minutes
Follow-up sessions 30 to 45 minutes

What should I bring for my first appointment?

Patients are advised to bring the doctor’s referral letter (if any) and other relevant investigation reports (MRI, X-ray, etc.)

What should I wear for my appointment?

Patients are advised to wear comfortable and loose clothing which allows free movements (sports attire). However, shorts are provided if necessary.

What can I expect at my first consultation?

Patient will be assessed by a physiotherapist to identify the cause and contributing factor of the current condition and the suitable treatment options will be recommended.

What are the available payment options?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, NETS and Cash

Can I use my health insurance to cover the cost of physiotherapy?

If your health insurance policy offers cover for out-patient department (OPD), physiotherapy would be covered. However, most of the insurance company require doctor’s referral for physiotherapy.